The Hanuman Langur

The Hanuman Langur

leaf eating monkeys

leaf eating monkeys

Hanuman is the Hindu god of healing and worship and in many parts of India, the Hanuman langur is considered sacred. The Hanuman langur often travels in the company of Indian holy men. Many Hindus leave them unmolested and even permit them to freely plunder their grain shops. However, this has made the langurs fearless. During food shortages, humans often retaliate. They are also threatened by habitat loss. There are an estimated 230,000 Hanuman langurs left in India. The Asian langurs belong to the family Cercopithecidae and subfamily Colobinae, or leaf-eating monkeys. The best known Asian leaf-eating monkey species is probably the Hanuman Langur, considered sacred by the Hindus of India.

About v4vikey

Hi I am Vikey Sharma from India. I am a nature lover and I love to do photography of nature.

4 thoughts on “The Hanuman Langur

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  2. Very interesting post! :-) They are beautiful but I can imagine the double edge to a hands off approach to them.


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