Prem Mandir architecturePrem Mandir architecture Prem Mandir architecture Prem Mandir architecture Prem Mandir

 Prem Mandir Vrindavan

Prem Mandir is situated in Raman Reti in the holy land of Shri Vrindavan; the divine abode of Shri Radha Krishana’s loving pastimes. This temple is an outstanding monument in terms of its unique architecture beauty and grandeur. It is adjacent to ISKCON temple and on the Chhatikara Road. A few important facts regarding the temple are listed below.

  • Foundation laid on 14th January 2001.
  • Inaugurated on 17th February 2012.
  • Temple situated on sprawling 12 acre of land.
  • Well-arranged gardens, fountains and dioramas.
  • The combined efforts of approximately 1000 artisans and thousands of labourers who worked tirelessly for 11 years to complete this Temple.
  • Constructed of 30,000 tons of Italian karara marble.
  • 125 feet high, 122 feet long and 115 feet wide.
  • Majestically standing on 150 artistically carved pillars.
  •  Decorated with 9 beautifully engraved domes.
  • Resplendent with 17 golden coloured pitchers (Kalash) and a grand flag mast at the top.
  • Built on the basis of Nagaradi architecture.