Isis Hybrid Tea Rose Flower

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Isis Hybrid Tea Rose Flower

Isis Hybrid Tea Rose Flower

There is one other Deity who came to have a deep connection to the symbolism of the rose, and that is the Goddess Isis. Many of the Gods and Goddesses mentioned above came to have an association with Her eventually, as Her worship spread throughout the Mediterranean region and the Roman empire. In Her role as She of Ten Thousand Names, Isis was corresponded to many other Goddesses, taking on their attributes, both in and outside of Egypt. By the Greco-Roman period, when the rose had become a popular addition to religious festivals and secular feasts of the Romans and the Greeks, this flower had become intricately associated with Isis, and the association would only deepen over time.


2 thoughts on “Isis Hybrid Tea Rose Flower

    Raewyn's Photos said:
    September 24, 2014 at 02:07

    Beautiful. 😀


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