Mera India, Play Bold

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“Mera India, Play Bold”, An encouragement for the Indian athletes, Royal Challenge Sports Drink has taken an initiative by launching a super video featured on and narrated with soulful voice of Virat Kohli “Mera India Play Bold”. This 2 minutes and 30 seconds video has a lot of encouragement for the Indian athletes across fields. This Video shows the true love & passion of Indian fans towards all games.

This Video motivates all Indian athletes and athletes who give it all for their nation and fight with all their zeal. Their grit, dedication, strength and skill are all for the pride of the nation. It is a fantastic video which encourages all young Indians to take an intrepid step towards their dreams. This anthem is a salute to the Indian team and all Indian athletes who make India proud in every championship. This video song is themed around the…

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