Abbaye de Cluny Shrub Rose

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Abbaye de Cluny rose

Abbaye de Cluny Shrub Rose Flower

Delicate, rich, apricot tones with cupped antique-style blooms. A spicy fragrance fills the air around this lovely rose. The blooms are immense in size. A vigorous yet compact plant with deep-green foliage.

ABBAYE DE CLUNY is a compact, upright plant which typically grows 2.5-3′ tall (less frequently to 4′) and features profuse numbers of rounded, cup-shaped, apricot blooms (3″ diameter) which have a very spicy fragrance. Blooms from May to frost. Leathery, dark green foliage. Named for the 11th century Benedictine monastery at Cluny in east central France.

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One thought on “Abbaye de Cluny Shrub Rose

    Russell Smith said:
    September 22, 2016 at 09:15

    I wonder, “How many different varieties of roses exist?” The rose is my favorite flower, as you know. I really love this one! The creamy petals make me think of fresh milk, while the hint of pink makes thing, of course, of femininity. To me it is strange that while this blossom hasn’t fully opened, it seems to be beyond its peak. It makes me think of those young women in my youth who matured early, only to fade early as well. Sigh.

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