Pink Daylily Flower Wallpaper

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Wallpaper Tadka

Pink Daylily

Pink Daylily Flower Wallpaper

Daylilies come in a wide range of flower colors. Daylilies have been hybridized to display more colors than any other group of plants grown in our gardens. Varying shades of pink, red, yellow, purple, lavender, gold, and nearly everything between, can be found (if you look long enough). The only colors yet to be produced are pure white and true blue. Some very near whites are available on the market, but upon closer examination are actually very light pink or have a slight infusion of yellow. The color blue has been elusive and is not yet represented in the daylily flower. Many hybridizers have produced cultivars with blue hues in their flowers, but at this time no flower can claim to be true blue.

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