Light Yellow Dahlia Wallpaper

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Light Yellow Dahlia Wallpaper

Light Yellow Dahlia Wallpaper

Dahlias (Dahlia pinnata) are natives of central Mexico in the region of Mexico City. The early forms were mostly single flower types that grew on well-drained soils of volcanic origin. Because of their origin, dahlias require well-drained soils, fairly sunny locations, and, of course, proper fertilization and protection from pests.

Dahlias are considered one of the most spectacular garden flowers. There is a great variety of form in dahlias, from the showy dinner-plate size to the bright, little single ones.
Dahlias are natives of the mountainous regions of Mexico and, although they grow in a warm country, they are actually temperate plants requiring cooler conditions. There are 30 species and 20,000 cultivars of Dahlias.
Varieties of Dahlias – There are wide varieties of dahlias based on their sizes, flowering patterns and resemblance to other flowers :-
Single-flowered Dahlias
Anemone-flowered Dahlias
Collerette Dahlias
Waterlily Dahlias
Decorative Dahlias
Ball Dahlias
Pompon Dahlias
Cactus Dahlias
Miscellaneous Dahlias
Fimbriated Dahlias
Single Orchid Dahlias (Star)
Double Orchid Dahlias

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