Vassio Meggos Lavender Dahlia

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Vassio Meggos Lavender Dahlia

Vassio Meggos Lavender Dahlia

This lavender giant is a wonderful dahlia to grow, show and cut. Large decorative type with huge lilac blooms. The easy-to-grow plant is 4-5 feet tall. The 9 inch lavender heads grow tall on long straight stems. The flowers last a long time in a vase and on the stem. A lavender pink sport from the variety Spartacus. The blooms is fold back to the stem like the parent plant. This is one beautiful and impressive Dahlia. Long stems which occasionally are not up to supporting the large flowers but it wins at lots of Dahlia shows. This is another one of my nicest dahlias by far. This plant gets about a good 5.5′ tall and is loaded with tons of huge purplish pink blooms. Make sure you stake this one really good because it gets real top heavy. Fast grower.
Vassio Meggos Decorative dahlias have fully double blooms showing no central disc. The florets are broad and are essentially flat, being neither markedly involute or revolute. In some cultivars the florets may be re-curved, while in others ( informal ), they may be slightly twisted.
Decorative dahlias are favorites of exhibitors and gardeners alike and are popular with flower arrangers.  They have fully double flower heads, showing no central disc, that range in size from miniature to giant with ray-florets that are broad and flat, or involute for less than three-quarters of their length, terminating in blunt pointed ends.  The plants have a corresponding range of heights and spreads.

One thought on “Vassio Meggos Lavender Dahlia

    loujen haxm'Yor said:
    March 11, 2019 at 01:06

    Wow! Hard to imagine such a large flower– 9 inch head. And beauty to go with it.


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