The Taj Mahal Trip of a Lifetime Photographs

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On June 17, 1631 Mumtaz Mahal died, after delivering her fourteenth child “Gauharar”. Shahjahan stood dazed, unable to comprehend the situation. She had died leaving all her children, mother, and relations to his care. But he had promised her never to remarry and to build the grandest mausoleum over her grave. Her body received a temporary burial in the Zainabadi Garden in Burhanpur and in six months time removed to Agra. Shahjahan had already acquired from Raja Jai Singh a plot of land on the riverside. Here was to be built the Taj Mahal. Work on the tomb started in a frenzy with thousands of artisans and laborers toiling ceaselessly. The first anniversary urs was held in June 1632 amid royal pomp and show, attended by Shahjahan and Jahanara. The Mughal Emperor was a picture of grief. 

On the second urs on May 26, 1633 the mausoleum had taken shape and the crypt chamber and the surrounding works accomplished. Peter Mundy’s eyewitness

Tajmahal DSCF1455.jpg Tajmahal Tajmahal Tajmahal Tajmahal Tajmahal DSCF1371_thumb.jpg Tajmahal DSCF1373_thumb.jpg Tajmahal Tajmahal DSCF1232.jpg Tajmahal Tajmahal DSCF1356_thumb.jpg Tajmahal Tajmahal Tajmahal DSCF1186_thumb.jpg Tajmahal Tajmahal Tajmahal Tajmahal DSCF0960.jpg Tajmahal DSCF0993_thumb.jpg DSCF0972.jpg DSCF0967_thumb.jpg

Tajmahal Agra
Tajmahal Agra

The Taj Mahal Trip of a Lifetime


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