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The African Collared Dove Wallpaper

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The African Collared Dove

A number of species of collared doves are native to Africa and Asia. The African Collared Dove, parent of the long domesticated ringneck, inhabits the savannah regions of North Africa located in a narrow east west strip south of the Sahara Desert. The ancient keepers of doves apparently liked the white and blond versions of these birds and got rid of the ones having darker colors.  But in recent times breeders have managed to retrieve the darker colored birds as well as develop a number of new colors. Today there is more than 40 distinguishable color patterns. The Barbary dove is usually somewhat larger and has a longer tail than the African collared dove. This may have resulted as some cross breeding with the Eurasian collared dove, Streptopelia decaocto .  The coloration is a warm, creamy buff shading to near white on the chin, belly, and under tail coverts.  There is a black, white edged collar on the back of the neck

Common Names

  • Ringneck Dove
  • Barbary Dove
  • Fawn Dove
  • African collared dove


The Barbary dove is between 300 and 310 mm. and the weight is between 150 and 200 grams.

Different type of Indian Birds Photography

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Cattle Egret

Cattle Egret is commonly found around cattle feasting on the insects disturbed by the grazing mammals.

Two Catle egret - Indian birds
Cattle Egret birds Photographs
Cattle Egret Photograph
Cattle Egret Wallpapers
Small Indian Bird Sparrow Photographs
Small Indian Bird Sparrow Photographs
Small Indian Bird Sparrow

Red Wattled Lapwings

Red Wattled Lapwing: Tatiri Indian Bird