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Red Dahlia flowers

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Red Dahlia flowers

Red Dahlia flowers

A true red bloom with slight fimbriation on the edges of the petals. We haven’t had this variety in our garden for several years.

Bright Red Dahlia Flower

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Red Dahlia

Bright Red Dahlia Flower

Velvet dark red with pointed petals, grows on a tall slender bush

Dahlia in different Colors

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Yellow color Dahlia Flower 

White Dahlia Flower

Red Single Dahlia

Peach Dahlia Flower

Dahlia in different Colors

Dahlias’ wide color range — from the darkest red or purple to all shades of pink, orange, yellow, white, blends, variegated and even bicolors — makes it easy to include them in any gardening color scheme and mix them with other annual or perennial flowers.

Beautiful Red Dahlia Blossom Photograph

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Red Dahlia Flower

Red Dahlia Blossom

“The Earth Laughs in Flowers.”
–  Ralph Waldo Emerson

The dahlia flower is characterized by the rings its petals. There is great variation among the different species of dahlia in regards to the size, height, color, petal shape, and number of rows of petals.

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