colors of Dahlia

Dahlia in different Colors

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Yellow color Dahlia Flower 

White Dahlia Flower

Red Single Dahlia

Peach Dahlia Flower

Dahlia in different Colors

Dahlias’ wide color range — from the darkest red or purple to all shades of pink, orange, yellow, white, blends, variegated and even bicolors — makes it easy to include them in any gardening color scheme and mix them with other annual or perennial flowers.

Bi-Color Dahlia Flower

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Bi-color Dahlia

Bi-Color Dahlia Flower

The multi-toned varieties of Dahlia are perhaps the most stunning, and provide petals that are striped or with leaf tips that are different than the center. Some of the most stunning combinations are white with deep purple, and vibrant yellow striped with red. The color combinations are almost endless.

Pink Dahlia Flower Wallpaper

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Beautiful Pink Dahlia

Pink Dahlia Flower Wallpaper

Dahlia flowers are remarkable because of their diversity in bloom shape and color. Besides having several size categories, they are also available with 11 different bloom styles, including the decorative, cactus, single and ball styles, all organized by the style and shape of the petals. Single-flowering dahlias, for example, are any type with one row of petals. These varieties are normally 3 feet or shorter and produce buds that are less than 5 inches across. There are more than a dozen colors and color combinations available to dahlia growers. Solid colors include white, yellow, red, scarlet, pink, purple and orange.