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Pixie Butter Dwarf Lily Flower Bouquet

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Yellow Daylily Flower Arrangement

Pixie Butter Dwarf Lily Flower Bouquet

Rich shiny deep butter yellow flowers and nicely contrasting deep green foliage. Only lightly speckled at the base of the
petals. Butter Pixie Lilium matures to about 50cm tall. The Butter Pixie is perfect for accents, border plants, rock gardens, and containers. Plant in multiples or mass plantings for a greater effect. Dwarf Asiatic/pixie lilies are an excellent choice for pots as they bear small but very sturdy flowers, but can also be planted as part of a successful summer border display.

Asiatic Lily Lilium Lemon Pixie

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Yellow Daylily Bouquet

Asiatic Lily Lilium Lemon Pixie Flower Arrangement

The bright Tiny Dino Asiatic Lily Flowers make a stunning display in the garden or bouquet

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Orange Daylily Flower Bouquet

Tiny Dino Asiatic Lily Bouquet

Asiatic lilies are exceptional perennials. The bright flowers make a stunning display in the garden or bouquet. Excellent for hummingbird gardens or planted among other perennials or ground covers for a splash of color. They are easy to grow, hardy and long-lived. Plant in the garden after danger of frost has passed. Remove pollen from cut flowers to prevent staining.