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Butterfly and Flower Wallpaper

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Carnation White Color Flower

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Carnation White Color Flower

Dublin Bay Red Color Climbing Flowers

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Dublin Bay Climbing Rose

Dublin Bay Climbing Rose FLOWER GARDEN

Dublin Bay is a large-flowered, true red climber. This rose does well in both cool and hot weather and can be trained as a pillar rose.
Though taking its time to climb, Dublin Bay blooms on old and new wood.

Red Dublin Bay Climbing Rose

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Rose Flower wallpaper

Red Dublin Bay Climbing Rose

Dublin Bay roses grow anywhere from 8 feet tall all the way up to 12 feet and can reach a spread of 5 feet across at full maturity. The rose Dublin Bay will thrive in zones 6 through 9, which is pretty standard for many types of roses. You will often find growers using this rose for cut flower arrangements or for growing up various supports and structures. Because of its fruity scent, Dublin Bay climbing roses are frequently planted along traffic areas where visitors can enjoy their great fragrance.