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Francis Meilland Rose flower has a very large bloom and strong fragrance.

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Francis Meilland Rose flower

Francis Meilland Rose flower

A new and distinct variety of Hybrid Tea rose plant is provided that forms at mid-season abundantly and substantially continuously attractive highly fragrant Orient Pink blossoms. The buds are substantially conical-shaped.The vegetation is very strong and attractive glossy dark green foliage is formed. Excellent resistance to Marssonina is displayed. The plant is particularly well suited for providing attractive ornamentation in the landscape.

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature

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Colorful Flower Wallpaper

Colorful Flower Wallpapers

Flowers are those little colorful beacons of the sun from which we get sunshine when dark, somber skies blanket our thoughts. Flowers have an expression of countenance as much as men or animals. Some seem to smile; some have a sad expression; some are pensive and diffident; others again are plain, honest and upright, like the broad-faced sunflower and the hollyhock.

Pink Color Francis Meilland Rose Flower With A Bee

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Francis Meilland

Pink Color Francis Meilland Rose Flower With A Bee

Named after a remarkable rose breeder, this rose has large, high-centered bFlllooms of soft, shell pink that give off an old rose fragrance. The buds are substantially conical-shaped. The very large, full blooms have 37 petals and are 5” in diameter on average. This repeating blooming rose is perfectly framed against its glossy, dark green foliage.

Burgundy Orange Color Chrysanthemum Flowers

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Orange Color Decorative Flowers

Burgundy Orange Color Chrysanthemum Flowers

Chrysanthemum is one of the most popular flowers, next only to rose. Chrysanthemums belong to the Asteraceae (compositae) family, the second largest family of flowers. The plant has been cultivated by the Chinese for more than 2500 years.

Chrysanthemum blooms come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes and in a wide range of colors. Other than its traditional yellow color, there are also other colors such as purple, lavender, pink, burgundy, bronze, white and red color. The mum blossom is actually a collection of hundreds of flowers.

Spider mums last a long time in floral arrangements.

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Lemon Color Spider mum

Lemon Color Spider Chrysanthemum Flowers

Spider mums are part of the daisy family of plants, which also includes zinnias and marigolds. Spider mums, a type of chrysanthemum, have distinctive flowers that are often used in floral arrangements and can be grown in pots for easy display indoors. A spider chrysanthemum has very distinct flowers, which sets it apart from the rest. Spider chrysanthemums’ flowers have many rows of petals which are very long and narrow, and which completely cover the center of the flower.

Pompon Marigold Flowers have fantastic aroma

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Marigold flowers

Beautiful Yellow Pompon  Marigolds

Marigolds have daisy-like or double, carnation-like flowerheads and are produced singly or in clusters. These flowers are the spendthrifts among annuals, showing a wealth of gold, copper, and brass into our summer and autumn gardens. The flower’s popularity probably derives in part from its ability to bloom brightly all summer long. Marigolds have been stereotyped but they offer tremendous variety; some have fantastic aroma; all marigolds are good in containers and provide long-lasting cut flowers.

Decorative Chrysanthemum Flower

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Decorative Chrysanthemum Flower

Decorative Chrysanthemum Flower

he Chrysanthemum flowers bloom in various forms, and can be daisy-like, decorative, pompons or buttons. Chrysanthemum blooms come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and in a wide range of colors. In addition to the traditional yellow, other popular colors are white, purple, and red.

Chrysanthemums have a wealth of meaning associated with them and therefore they are very popular as florist flowers.

The Chrysanthemum flower symbolizes fidelity, optimism, joy and long life.

  • A red chrysanthemum conveys love
  • A white chrysanthemum symbolizes truth and loyal love
  • A yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes slighted love

Stocks are sweet smelling flowering plants.

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White stocks


Stock flowers are one you should have in your inventory of attractive, sweet smelling flowering plants. Stock flowers have a spicy, sweet fragrance. This native of Europe and Asia Minor, produces an abundance of flowers on long stems. But, they will only do so in cooler weather.Stock is slightly spire like and comes in a wide range of colors. It makes a great cut flower, perfuming bouquets as well as the border. It grows best in full sun or part shade and moist, well-drained soil. Stocks have single or double flowers. Colors range from white, cream, yellow, peach, lavender, pink, purple and burgundy.

Varieties for stock

‘Cinderella’ stock

Matthiola Cinderella Series stock plants bear double flowers in a range of shades. The compact plants grow 10 inches tall.

    ‘Legacy’ stock

    Matthiola Legacy Series stock plants bear double flowers in a range of bright shades. They grow 2 feet tall.

      ‘Starlight Scentsation’ stock

      Matthiola ‘Starlight Scentsation’ shows off strongly fragrant single blooms in a range of colors. It grows 18 inches tall.

      Marigold plant would improve the eyesight and lighten the mood

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      Marigold Flower Wallpapers


      Marigolds are robust, non-fussy plants that bring a lot of sunshine in your garden. Marigolds can be grown easily.

      • Plant your seeds in half-sunny or sunny locations.
      • The soil must be well-drained, moist and fertile.
      • Add potash fertilizers to prolong the flowering period.
      • Pinch off the first flowers before they open. This will lead to a larger number of flowers.

      Yellow Pompon Chrysanthemum

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      Yellow Marigold

      Yellow Pompon Chrysanthemum

      Marigolds have a pungent odor which keeps insects at bay, but they can be bothered by slugs. Also, tall American and Triploid Marigold varieties need staking to protect them from strong winds and heavy rainfall.