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One of the most colorful Rose is Rio Samba

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Rio Samba Bicolor Hybrid Tea Rose

Rio Samba Bicolor Hybrid Tea Rose

The plants are tall, vigorous and somewhat spreading with shiny bright green foliage. One of the most colorful subjects in your garden and far hardier and more disease resistant than most roses of this color. A great cut flower and it takes only a few to light up a dark corner in your house. Festive yellows and reds swirl in profusion, with orange-edged blooms emerging from these bright yellow buds. Brightly colored medium-sized flowers often come in small clusters, making a vibrant display in the garden. Plant improves with establishment. Dark green foliage. Early to flower. Best size & color in cool climates.

Classy Red Rose Flower

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Rose Flowers

The beauty of rose has not remained limited only in the open nature but has also been captured by poets by means of their pen.