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Polar Star Hybrid Tea Rose

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Polar Star Hybrid Tea Rose

Polar Star Hybrid Tea Rose

A tall stately rose which creates a commanding presence in the garden. Creamy buds open to beautiful high centered blooms of white with a yellow tinge in the centre.It Also known as ‘Evita’
The first Hybrid Tea Rose to win the Royal National Rose Society’s Rose Of The Year Award 1985.


Bright Red Single Dahlia

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Red Single Dahlia

Bright Red Single Dahlia

A Bright Red Dahlia with large blooms. The plant produces numerous blooms, and the flowers are perfect in any bouquet. The flower is long lasting with strong sturdy stems.

White Color Dahlia Blossom

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White Dahlia Flower Wallpaper

White Color Dahlia Flower

A gorgeous lovely white dahlia with petals fold to the stem. The plant produces lots of blooms, and grows up to 5 feet tall.