Meaning of flower

Happiness is the natural duty of Flower

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Peach Gerbera Daisy Flower

Peach Daisy Flower Wallpaper

Just as a flower which seems beautiful and has color but no perfume, so are the fruitless words of the man who speaks them but does them not.

A beautiful Peach Daisy

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Peach Color Daisy

Beautiful Daisy Flower

The stems of Daisies are smooth and leafless and support a single flower. Daisy plants have 3 – 4 inch flower stalks. The Daisy leaf texture varies and may be smooth or hairy, narrow at the base and slightly lobed. The Daisy flower stalks are generally longer than the leaves.

The daisy reminds us of innocent pleasures

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Peach Color Gerbera Daisy

Peach Color Gerbera Daisy

The daisy reminds us of innocent pleasures, and taking out time to communicate with nature and to share time with children, encouraging them a love of flowers.The daisy is always linked to children, symbolising their innocence because children love to make daisy chains.

Daisies are also a Classic Symbol of Beauty

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Yellow Gerbera Daisy

Yellow Gerbera Daisy Flower Wallpapers

Gerbera is a genus of the family of sunflowers,Daisies and Asters – Asteraceae, with a wide distribution from Africa to Madagascar, tropical Asia and South America. Through hybridization, Gerberas are available in a massive array of colors.