pictures of colourful roses

Pink color rose flower wallpaper

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Pink Rose Wallpaper

Pink Color Rose Flower

I’m going to have no regrets for yesterday

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Pink color rose flower

I’m going to do my self a favor –

To forget about the burdens,

To forget about the pains,

To forget about the hurts.

I’m going to live like I won’t live again

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Red color rose flower

If any little word of ours,

Can make one life the brighter;

If any little song of ours

Can make one heart the lighter;

God help us speak that little word,

And take our bit of singing,

And drop it in some lonely vale

To set the echoes ringing.

Beautiful Neil Diamond Hybrid Tea Rosa

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Neil Diamond Hybrid Tea Rosa

Beautiful Neil Diamond Hybrid Tea Rosa

These magnificent blooms of striking deep pink randomly striped with white will spread their rich perfume throughout the garden. And the blooms stay big even in the heat of summer, so you’ll enjoy 5″ flowers filled with 40-50 petals the entire growing season. The buds and fully open flowers exhibit the beautiful, furling high center that Hybrid Teas are famous for, and then open out more widely into a graceful English Rose form as they mature.

Cleopatra rose flower

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Cleopatra rose flower

Cleopatra rose flower

A very beautiful Hybrid Tea that is not very well known which is a great shame as it is quite a stunner.

Outstanding blooms of rich scarlet with deep harvest gold reverse. The blooms are mostly single but do occasionally appear in clusters.

Repeats well through the season and makes an excellent garden rose and is ideal for cutting.

Good healthy large glossy foliage.

The Pilgrim Rose Shrub

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The Pilgrim Rose Shrub

The Pilgrim Rose Shrub

Beautifully formed, large, quartered soft golden yellow blooms open flat with many small petals, that are paler yellow around the edge.  The shrub can climb in temperate climates to 10 feet but it can be kept shorter if pruned after it blooms. The growth is strong, healthy, and upright. The leaves are medium green and black spot and rust resistant, although it can be susceptible to mildew. The blossoms exude a strong fragrance that is a blend of tea and myrrh.