pictures of colourful roses

White Rose Flower Bud

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White Rose flower Bud

Rose Sunblest Photography

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Rose Flowers

Yellow Roses

Rose Sunblest is a Hybrid Tea Rose. Although blooms from this Rose do have some scent, the main attraction to this plant is the bright double yellow flowers that are produced from pointed buds, each flower about 9cm in diameter. Leaves are glossy and a medium green colour. The plant reaches a height of about 100cm and spreads to a width of about 60cm

Fragrant Cloud Rose Flower

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Orange Red Rose

Orange Red Rose

Fragrant Cloud’ is one of the best loved roses of the twentieth century.¬†
Unusual coral-red to geranium blooms which do not lose their colour no matter the weather and are quick to repeat flowering.
Flowers right through from spring to autumn.
Large rich glossy dark green foliage on a good healthy bush.
An excellent rose for bedding and borders.

Extremely Fragrant.