Pink Dahlia

Side view of Pink Dahlia

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Single Pink Dahlia

Side view of Pink Dahlia

Hot Pink Dahlia Flower

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Pink Dahlia Flower

Hot Pink Dahlia Flower

This is a beautiful small formal decorative hot pink dahlia that grows up to 4 feet in height. Perfect in any bouquet or arrangement. Hot Pink Dahlia flowers are decorative globe-shaped flowers with many colorful petals. This hot pink Dahlia would be a bright addition to any bridal bouquet or wedding flower arrangement.

Pink Single Dahlia Flower

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Single Dahlia Flowers

Pink Single Dahlia Flower

Single flowered dahlias represent arguably the most simple and purest of form of this beautiful flower. A single type dahlia has a characteristic open centered disc which comprises of tiny florets in the middle of the flower. Petals will usually form one row around the centre, although there can occasionally be two rows and the petals can also overlap.Single row of flat petals surrounding a disc.

Dahlia Checker Flower

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Dahlia Checkers


The Decorative Dahlia Checkers, ‘Dahlia’, a spring planted tuberous root, has Pink flowers with white tips. This Dahlia produces masses of large blooms from July until frost. Dahlia’s are ideal for cut flowers, borders, containers, and massings. They tend to bloom for long periods, and few plants offer as much variety and showy flowers as the Dahlia. They do best in well drained, humus rich soils.

Decorative Dahlia Checkers

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Decorative Dahlia Checkers

Decorative Dahlia Checkers

Checkers is a Miniature Decorative Dahlia.  With its bi-color flowers, deep red or pink at the base of the florets and white at the tip it is a striking and attractive plant.  It stands out in beds and looks bright and cheerful in a vase. This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds.Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater.