Red Dahlia

It is at the edge of a Dahlia petal that love waits.

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Red Dahlia Flower Close up

Mars Red Dahlia Flower Wallpapers

True red dahlia with the petals that have a curl. The tall plant grows on a plant with nice foliage that produces lots of blooms.

Bright Red Single Dahlia

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Red Single Dahlia

Bright Red Single Dahlia

A Bright Red Dahlia with large blooms. The plant produces numerous blooms, and the flowers are perfect in any bouquet. The flower is long lasting with strong sturdy stems.

Deep Red Dahlia Flower

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Dark Red Dahlia

Deep Red Dahlia Flower

Deep Red Dahlia flowers have many exquisite, richly colored petals.

Red Dahlia HD Wallpaper

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Beautiful Dahlia

Beautiful Red Dahlia HD Wallpaper

The dahlia signifies dignity and elegance. Not only that it also brings with it change, betrayal, travel, and warning. The flower also stands for diversity. Most flowers have two genes; however, the dahlia has eight.

A La Mode Red Dahlia Flower

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Red Dahlia Flower

A La Mode Red Dahlia Flower Wallpaper

Beautiful red and white bicolor bloom.  Bloom size ranges from 6 to 8 inches.  This dahlia produces an exceptional amount of blooms per plant.  Some flowers can be all orange with little to no variegation but it generally produces truly variegated blooms.