Varieties of Daylily Flower

Pixie Butter Dwarf Lily Flower Bouquet

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Yellow Daylily Flower Arrangement

Pixie Butter Dwarf Lily Flower Bouquet

Rich shiny deep butter yellow flowers and nicely contrasting deep green foliage. Only lightly speckled at the base of the
petals. Butter Pixie Lilium matures to about 50cm tall. The Butter Pixie is perfect for accents, border plants, rock gardens, and containers. Plant in multiples or mass plantings for a greater effect. Dwarf Asiatic/pixie lilies are an excellent choice for pots as they bear small but very sturdy flowers, but can also be planted as part of a successful summer border display.

Beautiful Yellow Color Lily Butter Pixie Flower

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Bright Yellow Daylily Flower

Lily Butter Pixie (Yellow Daylily Flower)

Lilium Butter Pixie is a dwarf Asiatic lily. The Butter Pixie lily produces large upturned bright yellow blossoms that are trumpet or star shaped. Butter Pixie lily, along with other dwarf Asiatic lilies, were bred for their compact growth habit in containers and offer no fragrance.

Tiny Dino Asiatic Daylily

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Medium Orange Color Daylily

Tiny Dino Asiatic Daylily (Dwarf Lily with Orange Flowers)

Tiny Dino is an adorable little dwarf lily with brilliant blooms that outshine its small stature.  Growing unerringly straight and robust, this hardy lily really puts on a show when its bright orange blooms open in late spring to early summer. The foliage itself is even quite attractive.  Each tall, erect stem is lined with thin, green leaves and topped with several large flower buds, an elegant presence for your garden even before full bloom.

Hyperion Daylily Flowers

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Lime Color Daylily

Hyperion Daylily Flowers

Disease-free perennial is excellent for slopes, massing, edgings and foundations. Showy, sweet smelling, lemon-yellow, 5-inch blooms. Large clumps of long, grass-like leaves are highlighted by lily-like flowers on tall stems. Herbaceous perennial.