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Shirwell Greta Yellow Dahlia

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Shirwell Greta Yellow Dahlia

Shirwell Greta Yellow Dahlia

Shirwell Greta is a Large Decorative Dahlia.  It has bright yellow blooms of good form.  Recently introduced this award winning cultivar is suitable for Exhibition and is expected to become a popular garden variety and for use in patio pots and as cut flowers.

Decorative dahlias are favorites of exhibitors and gardeners alike and are popular with flower arrangers.  They have fully double flower heads, showing no central disc, that range in size from miniature to giant with ray-florets that are broad and flat, or involute for less than three-quarters of their length, terminating in blunt pointed ends. The plants have a corresponding range of heights and spreads.

Yellow Dahlia Desktop Wallpaper

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Yellow Color Dahlia

Yellow Dahlia Desktop Wallpaper